The Portal born as a reference tool for research, consultation, the creation and sharing of events that take place throughout the National and International.
It’ a Portal Multilingual able to automatically detect the language of the browser of the visitor and bring the results of research translated.
It’ However, you can select the language at the time of consultation.
The user will be immediately apparent how easy navigation within the portal.
Several search options proposed : for the period or date “As low as”, for word in the title and description, by location “near” (within 50 Km), by category, for cost, organizer.
It’ You can view a list of events and Map.
List, you will see the list of events starting from the one with the nearest maturity divided by month.
In the map display will show the map with markers “placeholders” events present page by page.
It’ You can also, once chosen for display in Map, included in the research “near” a city and get the list of events in the vicinity of that city with the reativa distance in kilometers.
On the Advanced Filter will enable you to search more and more detailed event.
BrowsEvents is not responsible for cancellations or changes in the details of the events posted on the Portal.
If you are an organizer is a useful tool for the creation and dissemination of your events.
Registration to the portal and the inclusion of the event are completely FREE.
Each Organiser may include your event in an autonomous way by accessing the “Create Event”.
Each event entered must be approved, Team of BrowsEvents is committed to publishing events in the shortest possible time.
Each event will bring the number of visits obtained, will be voted on and fall in the ranking of the top rated of the day and week.
It may also be shared on major Social Networks, sent via e-mail, imported into Google Calendar.
The Portal Browsevents is supported by a Facebook Page (Browsevents), from Tweeters and Google sharing events loaded as the deadline.
Browsevents uses Responsive Technology, able to adapt to any type of device (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone), Browser and Operating System.
For more information read Regulations and legal notices.
For inquiries contact us.